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Bishop Karol and Nichii Mardon visit St Mark's College


We enjoyed a morning tea with Bosco staff and a tour of the facilities. Our Bishop seemed so pleased to meet the students and they responded to his warmth and interest.  The Junior Primary Benedict students gathered for a more formal assembly. Student Representatives offered a statement of welcome and a ‘five and six year old’ comment about life in their school. They lined up and spoke. There were about ten of them. Each statement was a delight to hear. One boy, Henry, didn’t have a comment. He had a symbol. He simply walked up to the Bishop and offered his hand in warmth and welcome and honour. It was a poignant moment. It was a powerful statement about young people and their respect and courtesy for someone so elevated in Church life. One girl, Dylan, said in conclusion, and on our behalf, “Bishop, you are always welcome to come to our school”. The Bishop smiled. There was affection and connection. We were grateful that a Bishop showed such care for us.