There are currently no Catholic school closures in South Australia.

The Port Pirie Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie covers an area of almost one million square kilometres (980,000 sq km).

Our Diocese is bordered on:

North: the 25th degree of south Latitude.

West: the Western Australian border.

East: portions of Queensland, Victoria and all NSW borders.

South: The southern coast of Australia from the Western Australian border to a point south of Moonta, then by a line following the limits of Hundreds to the Victorian border. This line follows:

  • the southern limits of Wallaroo and Kadina
  • the southern and eastern of Kulpara, Cameron and Boucaul
  • the southern of Yackamoorundie
  • down the western of Andrews and then following the southern of Andrews and Ayers
  • western of Kooringa and Apoinga
  • southern of Apoinga
  • south of Bright
  • west and south of Bower
  • south-west portion of Beatty
  • western limits of Hay, Skurray and Fisher
  • the river Murray forming western limits of Nildottie and Forster
  • the southern boundaries of the Hundreds of Forster, Bandon, Chesson, Mindarie, Allen, Kekwick and McGorrery.