The Port Pirie Diocese

The Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie covers an area of almost one million square kilometres (980,000 sq km).

Our Diocese is bordered on:

North: the 25th degree of south Latitude.

West: the Western Australian border.

East: portions of Queensland, Victoria and all NSW borders.

South: The southern coast of Australia from the Western Australian border to a point south of Moonta, then by a line following the limits of Hundreds to the Victorian border. This line follows:

  • the southern limits of Wallaroo and Kadina
  • the southern and eastern of Kulpara, Cameron and Boucaul
  • the southern of Yackamoorundie
  • down the western of Andrews and then following the southern of Andrews and Ayers
  • western of Kooringa and Apoinga
  • southern of Apoinga
  • south of Bright
  • west and south of Bower
  • south-west portion of Beatty
  • western limits of Hay, Skurray and Fisher
  • the river Murray forming western limits of Nildottie and Forster
  • the southern boundaries of the Hundreds of Forster, Bandon, Chesson, Mindarie, Allen, Kekwick and McGorrery.