Teaching in Catholic Country School


Opportunities abound to advance your teaching career if you're open to moving to a regional, rural or remote South Australian community.

South Australia's many regional centres offer a safe, family friendly environment where teachers and their families are embraced in community life.

Accepting a teaching position in a Catholic school in the Port Pirie Diocese will provide you with an opportunity to live and work in a rural, regional or remote location. 

Quickly becoming a part of the local community will bring many rewards personally and professionally.  The staff of our country schools work closely with each other and you will be able to develop your areas of expertise and leadership skills as you contribute to this professional learning environment. 

All Port Pirie Diocesan schools have modern facilities and are extremely well resourced to ensure provision of contemporary learning experiences for students. 

Watch the videos below to hear stories of how some of our staff are progressing their careers in regional Catholic schools.