Message From Our Bishop

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Catholic schools play an important part of our education in Australia.

They have become an evangelizing agent of the Catholic Church to young people.

In our Catholic Diocese of Port Pirie we have 13 Catholic schools and each of these schools relates to the parish.

Our Catholic formation is fundamentally based on family upbringings, so that the values which you initiated in your children can be strengthened and supported by the education in catholic schools. Connection with the parish can help young people to grow spiritually by participating in different liturgical celebrations.

Our schools run the educational part of sacramental preparation for children.  Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation are offered by our parishes with the cooperation of our Catholic Schools. They are parish based, school supported and family orientated.

Catholic Schools in our Diocese offer a great education with deep human, spiritual and Catholic values. We strive to support the fundamental values which are originating from your families. If you want to strengthen those values in your child you are welcome and encouraged to enrol them into our Catholic schools.

To find out more information about our education please search through the pages of this website.

You are welcome also to visit our diocesan webpage to find out what values we share in our Church.

+Bishop Karol Kulczycki SDS