CESA Policies

The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools

Our Catholic schools are guided by policies and procedures that have been developed by The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools.

The South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) has oversight of education in all Catholic schools and sets directions, allocates resources and develops policies for Catholic schools in South Australia.

The Commission and its Standing Committees are supported by a number of permanent committees and working parties. Catholic Education SA through its schools, colleges and centres, implements SACCS’ decisions and policies.

Strategy for Catholic Education South Australia

Towards 2027: Expanding Horizons and Deepening Practices

As we head towards 2027, Catholic Education South Australia has a renewed strategy aimed at expanding our horizons and deepening practices.

Our strategy is grounded in our MissionVisionValues and Purpose.

The strategy will help us to continue to shape thriving people, capable learners and leaders for the world God desires, and contribute to a more socially just, equitable and hope-filled future.

Read more about the strategy on the Catholic Education SA website